3rd November 2011

Today we headed up Sand Creek Road and then further up the Great Western Trail. Today's goal was to walk over to the cliff face and then down the length of it staying as close as possible. I also hoped to stay in the sun as much as possible as it was 43F when we got there.

I call these the Eagle Cliffs because I have seen eagles floating over them.
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In order to reach the face we had to climb in and out of two fairly good washes. It's not obvious from the other side of the canyon but the cliff has numerous small side canyons. No eagles today but a crow kept Biff entertained by floating along the cliff edge, he always watches birds. In this particular side canyon something very large flapped its wings, but I never did see what it was.
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The cliff face provided some nice views down the canyon to Torrey.
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Looking back up the canyon wasn't unpleasant either.
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A jumble of fresh looking rocks provides evidence that erosion is continuous.
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I was amazed to find flowers on November 3rd especially as the last few nights have been well below freezing, down to 19F in fact.
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Gnarly rocks everywhere.
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Hey Biff, this is what happened to the last dog that mis-behaved up here.
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Biff has become quite interested in geology and wondered how this black rock came to be here in the sandstone, I tried to tell him about the volcanic layers but a pine cone distracted him.
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At the end of the cliff face a house sized rock rested on a small ledge.
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We completed our traversal of 'Eagle Cliffs'.
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Backtracking a little to find a path over to the other side of the canyon gave a great view of our ending marker and Torrey down below.
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Biff definitely has an affinity for posing on rocks.
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Crossing the canyon was quite a bit harder down here, the second wash we crossed at the top had become very deep with vertical banks over 100 feet tall. We mostly walked back up the stream bed which had a small flow of water, it was dim and wintery down in the bottom with ice patches. The summer's rains had flooded the wash several times and it was quite rugged. Eventually the smaller wash branched off from the main one and we were able to go up it to a place where we followed a deer path out onto the Great Western Trail only about 100 yards from the truck.

This particular rock face always catches the setting sun perfectly.
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The Henry Mountains look quite serene in the distance.
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Close up view of the hike route.
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Zoomed out view of the hike route.
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