6th October 2011

We awoke to much colder temperatures and quite a bit of snow down to about the 8000 foot level.

Biff's morning walk takes him down to the river, some mornings we cut over to the Swallow Cliffs and others we wander down the irrigation canal.

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© Bob Palin 2011


The old foot bridge always looks good in the early morning light but I've never crossed it.

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© Bob Palin 2011


The Anthill was lovely in its new, if temporary, white coat.

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© Bob Palin 2011


Boulder Mountain got over 8 inches of new wet snow, bringing down some trees on Highway 12.

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© Bob Palin 2011


The Torrey Irrigation canal is still full and running well.

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© Bob Palin 2011


Biff was trying to pretend he didn't notice the leaves changing, but I caught him having a look.

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© Bob Palin 2011


And of course a Very Happy Birthday to my mother

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