8th October 2011

This evening's walk was supposed to be an easier stroll than the morning walk where I actually jogged for a little bit, both Biff and I were a bit tired and stiff. We headed up Sand Creek Road to the Velvet Ridge just across Sand Creek itself and then walked westward along the old road, there has been a lot of erosion down there from all the rain this summer! When we left it looked like rain so I didn't take my Canon SLR and the battery charger for the Canon P&S is missing so I didn't have that with me either - mistake! We marched along the road, with Biff exploring every eroded gully, then up a hill onto a flat area eventually picking up another trail that heads up to the cliffs. Deciding not to go that far I bushwhacked back towards the east crossing a small stream several times and having to walk down it a ways once as well. We emerged onto another flat area with an obvious deer trail just as the sun was setting, the tops of the cliffs were lit up beautifully, all I had was my phone! It really hasn't done justice to the scenes.

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Must not leave good camera at home again! The sun shone its last rays between a layer of clouds and the horizon giving an incredible warm glow to the sandstone. By the time we got back to the truck it was just about dark, after a talk with Janet on the phone and an unsuccesful attempt to remove a cactus thorn from the side of Biff's foot. He's getting pretty good with cactus but misses the odd one here and there, he seems to have learned that walking under the trees is the best bet. As soon as we got home he went to his bed and fell fast asleep, snoring softly.

2.27 miles, 1 hour, 41F

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