30th October 2011

Biff had a play date with the Tal dogs Maggie and Bessie today, he met them last week and after some introduction they had a great time, this week they got straight down to business.

Hi girls, what we going to do today?
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Some chasing around to start, then what?
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Hey, it was just an idea, I was kidding...
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© Bob Palin 2011


No, no, I was kidding, really.
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Hey, that's my belly in your mouth.
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How do you like my straight right, eh?
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Bite, bite, bite, bite.
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You're going to do what?
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I'm outta here...
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OK, we can make up.
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Biff wasn't ready to go home and tried to drive back to Maggie and Bessie's place..
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