16th September 2011

Looking south from the house I thought I could see snow or hail on the rocks behind the Cockscomb, it wasn't until I zoomed in on the photos that I could be sure it was just the sun shining off wet rocks.

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� Bob Palin 2011


To the north a big storm was forming over the Anthill which would lead to more flash floods later in the day.

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� Bob Palin 2011


Meanwhile indoors the little devil was encountering a new toy - orange wiener on a string.

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� Bob Palin 2011


It proved a bit much for him though and he needed a rest.

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� Bob Palin 2011


Since he seemed to like hanging toys Janet tortured the poor thing outside with his favourite green bottle. He attacked it for a good 15 minutes before this video and was getting pretty tired. (The Angry Birds are hummingbirds which are always in a bad mood when anything else is near their feeders.)

Later a variation on the toy appeared on the porch rail.

After a period of sulking he made another attempt at the green bottle.

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