17th February 2012

We got first tracks down the street, apart from a couple of deer.
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If he did have a cactus thorn in his paw he got it out right then, might have just been a bit of ice.



Biff snuffles around in the bushes.
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The Fremont River looked dark and cold before the sun reached it.
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The Old Footbridge across the canal.
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Who's been playing in the snow then?
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The destination of our walks, if there is one, is this bench where I sit while Biff explores the undergrowth all around and looks for Mr Musk Rat who has been seen here a few times.
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Man and Dog.
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The old footbridge across the river, Biff was slightly reluctant to cross it with the snow.
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Grasses in the snow.
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After we finished the walk we headed down to the coffee shop which is open for 10 days to celebrate Valentine's Day.
Soon after we got there Janet's niece Kate arrived carrying what looked like a bunch of flowers, I thought somebody had given them to her. In fact Janet, who was in Salt Lake City, had asked Kate to make this bunch and give it to me at the coffee shop - the 'roses' are actually made of bacon!

Janet is the best, Kate not far behind!

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I had to go to Loa in the afternoon so I took Biff for a walk a little way up UT72 at Red Canyon Draw, it was starting to snow so we didn't go too far.

Red Canyon Draw - pretty much White Canyon today. Red Canyon itself is way up on the mountain and is a mini Bryce Canyon feature.
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We walked down the road for about half a mile then cut cross country and found a deep wash.
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This tree is just about hanging on!
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By the time we got back to the truck it was snowing quite hard.
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