19th November 2012

After a long weekend in Torrey I wanted to take the long way back to Cedar City, due to my usual late departure the longevity was reduced to just taking Highway 12, not too much of a torture. Biff needed his walk so we first stopped on top of Boulder Mountain near the Bown's Reservoir turn off and wandered about in a meadow and some woods there. Naturally just as we got back to the truck he found an area of black smelly mud and pranced about in it, at least he didn't roll in it.
From there we continued south to Bryce, it became obvious that we were not even going to make it to Red Canyon before the sun was down so we stopped just to the east of Bryce and wandered up a wash and a gully.

After a short stroll up the wash bed next to the road we came across this enticing gully headed up to the sunshine.
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© Bob Palin 2012


It was quite a steep scramble up the gulley but the view at the top was worth it.
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© Bob Palin 2012


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As we scrambled across the loose stuff at the top I discovered that I had dropped by little black GPS device which I use to record the position of the pictures I take. I wasn't very hopeful of finding it but decided to backtrack down the same gully just in case. About halfway down near the tree Biff suddenly started dancing around and picked up the GPS device (An AMOD68). He knew there would be a handsome reward and brought it straight to me before I could even get the camera on him.
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We wandered back down the gully and along the wash bed and when we got to the truck Biff got the remnants of my roast beef, just a few scraps of meat on the bone but he spent the rest of the trip to Cedar City working on it.
Right across the road some towers were lit up by the low sun.
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The sun was pretty much gone by the time we drove through Red Canyon, there were a few beautiful red tops but we didn't stop (been there, done that...)
As it was getting late we took the simple route through Panguitch and over Utah 20 to I15. As we came down the hill on UT20 the sun put on a fantastic last show, Cedar City seems to get some incredible sunsets.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2012/November/20121119_elph310hs_2680_1000.jpg not found
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Not a single picture of Biff!


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