8th February 2013

After two weeks with us in Cedar City it was time to take Frikka for a visit to Torrey, actually it was time to get the dogs away from the muddy mess in the Cedar back yard which was about to be made worse (and then hopefully better) by the landscaper.

Frikka adapted OK to being in Biff's house though she didn't let me out of her sight, not so sure that Biff did, he was grumpy and sulky about another dog having the run of the place. But in the end they both managed to gang up on me and take up most of the king size bed. We woke to snow and just as it got really heavy headed out for a walk on Sand Creek.

Heavy snow as we crossed Sand Creek for the first time.
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© Bob Palin 2013


Frikka investigates every bush.
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© Bob Palin 2013


Double trouble on the trail.
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© Bob Palin 2013


Biff pays attention - to what I don't know.
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Did you see that? Something moved over there.
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© Bob Palin 2013


Frikka on the snowy ridge.
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© Bob Palin 2013


Still snowing hard up on the mountain.
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Me too!.
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© Bob Palin 2013


Snow Tower.
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Third Crossing. The rocks were placed there as an attempt to slow down or divert flash floods.
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© Bob Palin 2013


Frikka finishes her first walk on Sand Creek, the first of at least a thousand I hope.
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© Bob Palin 2013


We walked from the water tanks along Sand Creek over "Second Crossing" then up the hill and over to "Third Crossing" on Sand Creek. From there we followed the back Sand Creek access road to the Great Western Trail and went down it back to the tanks. A total of 4.1 miles.
This KMZ file will show the route in Google Earth.

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