18th May 2013

My friend Mickey came to visit from New York and this time brought his wife for her first red rock tour. Mickey likes to take sunrise photographs so we hit the road at the absurd hour of 4:30 am - I'm really not a morning person. Things looked a bit dubious when we left Torrey, there were only a few stars showing and lots of clouds but as we got further east it looked better. Just as the sun rose the clouds parted and gave us some good views.

The clouds above the horizon to the east were amazing as the sun came up (6:13 am).
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© Bob Palin 2013


http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130518_eos60d_3815_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


The Temple of the Sun.
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The Temple of the Moon and the Temple of the Sun.
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Layer Cake Rock.
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© Bob Palin 2013


Naked Stem Sunray.
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Entering Cathedral Valley with the end of the Wall of Jericho.
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© Bob Palin 2013


http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130518_eos60d_3848_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


We headed up over the mountains to Utah 72 (Sweeper Madness) and back to Torrey for brunch. The morning turned out to be more rewarding than any of us expected when we left the Best Western. Mickey says that the next time he comes we will do a sunset trip - far more civilized!

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