27th May 2013

Janet finished her Milbury & Hodge ginger preserve production on Sunday so we used the Memorial Day holiday to take the dogs for a hike on Boulder Mountain. We headed down highway 12 to the south-east flank of Boulder Mountain and stopped at the Deer Creek trailhead.

Headed up into the aspen.
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© Bob Palin 2013


Charging on ahead!
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Distant view of Powell Point, it was rather a hazy day.
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There were just a few patches of snow left which the dogs took full advantage of, the trail starts at about 9,300 feet!
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The trail from the road leads up to the Great Western Trail which passes through some nice wooded sections.
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The dogs had great fun in this shallow pond (8 pictures) ()

You can't catch me, slug!
Who you callin Slug?
You, slowpoke
Just you wait a minute
Not waitin, snailface
Hmm, just wait til I get to shore
I'll be long gone...
Is that an elk?

Biff can do the splashy bounding thing too (6 pictures) ()

I'm hiding in the reeds, ready to pounce.
Frog spotted!
After it.
Faster, faster.
Step on it.
Missed that one - next...
Biff inspects Deer Creek Lake (9800 ft).
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while Frikka checks on Janet (less than 6 feet).
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We had a brief lunch at the lake, clouds were building up over Boulder Mountain and we didn't want to get caught in anything, as it turned out they were benign.


Biff checked out the headwaters of the lake, a small stream, presumably Deer Creek, flows into the south end of the lake but it is entirely underneath volcanic boulders.
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http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130527_eos60d_4111_1000.jpg not found
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For some reason Biff always gets a bit wild when we backtrack, today was no exception (6 pictures) ()

Just munching on some weeds.
Man, that was some good weed!
Maybe I'm sleepy.
Whoa, nope!
Wide awake man.
Gonna get me some revenge on that Frikka...


Biff picked up this entire thing in his mouth and carried it down the trail for 10-20 yards, but he would only drag it on the way back to us.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130527_eos60d_4140_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


Deep Woods.
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© Bob Palin 2013


Frikka thinks the elk need rounding up, but they are too quick for her.
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Despite, or perhaps because of, the very dry conditions on the mountain it's a banner year for dandelions.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130527_eos60d_4168_1000.jpg not found
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We hiked about 6 miles total, the dogs ran and splashed around enough that they were actually tired which is a rarity, I'm sure their mountain bike runs the two previous days helped with that.

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