29th May 2013

I hadn't intended to go to the Lion's Head this evening thinking that I would go up above Bicknell on the side of Boulder Mountain for sunset as the light over Bicknell Bottoms is nice. But Frikka created such a fuss in the truck that I thought she must need to get out so I turned off at the Teasdale Road and took the first dirt road. She didn't really need to get out, she was just excited about going for walk. As it turned out the dirt road led to the bottom of the Lion's Head formation and the light there as very nice too.

The Lion's Head.
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© Bob Palin 2013


As well as the red rock there were flowers, this is a penstemon.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4179_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


Is this the Lion's Head? (Look down the right side of the rock).
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4207_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


The Claret Cup were still blooming here, their time has passed down in the desert.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4190_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


Came across this natural oven in the rocks, this being Windy Wayne County it is of course a convection oven.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4208_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


Red Penstemon.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4201_600.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


It's hard to believe those rocks are stuck out there on the end.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4220_1000.jpg not found


Found this strange little beast, about 12" tall.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4215_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


Another head, if you look at the whole thing it's more like a dog's head than a Lion's Head.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4222_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


Yet another head - some sort of ugly troll by the look of it.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4225_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


Watering the crops.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4249_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


Biff liked what he saw, whatever that was...
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4262_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


We climbed up to the balanced rocks, they seemed a lot more substantial from this vantage point.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4250_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


As the sun got lower and lower the rocks became ridiculously red.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4256_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


The dogs found things to amuse themselves with.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4267_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


The final rays of the sun created a lovely glow on the formation.
http://blogimages.bobpalin.com/2013/May/20130529_eos60d_4270_1000.jpg not found
© Bob Palin 2013


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