11th February 2014

It was a pleasant 50 degree day at Three Peaks so we went for a longer walk, starting at the usual mountain bike parking lot then up through the camping area and around the back of Rocky Point on the Three Peaks Trail. As it turned west to round the third peak we turned northeast to head back and it was then I saw the eagle up on his lofty perch. The eagles are only visitors to Three Peaks but in February and March each year the area is home to quite a few.

I spotted this eagle from quite far away, I'm sure he saw us too.
We wandered off the trail to see how close we could get.
We got almost to the base of the cliff.
Perhaps he was sizing up Frikka for dinner.
A few steps more and he shuffled.
Take off consisted of a leap into the air.
Followed by some mighty flaps.
And soon he was the elegant gliding bird we know.
He drifted round and round his point.
Sometimes clockwise, sometimes counter.
He also came right overhead.

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